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What a West Hartford Water Removal Company Does That You Can’t Do!

August 6, 2019

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When you need West Hartford water removal after a flood or plumbing emergency, you might assume that you can rent a sump pump and clean up a flooded area at home by yourself. However, there are many reasons to rely on the services of a West Hartford water removal company instead, as they can perform a more thorough cleaning than a homeowner on his or her own and will also ensure your house is safe for occupancy after cleaning.

Before your home suffers a flood from inclement weather outside or a burst pipe inside, consider a short list of things a West Hartford removal company does that a homeowner cannot. You’ll then better understand the value of relying on a water damage restoration contractor near West Hartford rather than trying to go it alone after a residential flood.

water removal west hartford

West Hartford Water Extraction

Never assume that water removal in a West Hartford home is as simple as renting a sump pump and pumping out standing water. Your home’s carpet and underlying carpet padding, drywall, wood subflooring and wall studs, and other such surface materials absorb water quickly and easily and can remain damp for days if not weeks after a flood!

Proper, efficient water extraction in West Hartford requires the use of heavy-duty sump pumps you cannot simply rent at a hardware store, as well as commercial-quality dehumidifiers. A dehumidifier will help pull excess water from the air and building materials difficult to access, such as wall studs. This process ensures proper water removal in a West Hartford home.

Cleanup After Water Removal in West Hartford

Floodwaters caused by outside weather or a home’s burst plumbing pipes often contain high levels of germs, bacteria, and other harmful substances. Water from backed-up drains and overflowing toilets might even contain raw sewage! Household cleansers are typically insufficient and ineffective at cleaning these substances properly, and a homeowner might not clean all surface areas in the home efficiently, leaving behind bacteria and other contaminants.

An experienced West Hartford water removal company will remove all harmful organisms from surfaces affected by the flood, ensuring a thorough sanitizing in the process. They will also typically have meters and equipment that monitor air quality, to ensure that no organisms are left behind and won’t settle onto your home’s interior surfaces after cleanup is completed.

A West Hartford water removal company will also typically offer odor neutralizing services, to remove the smell of outside contaminants, mildew, and the like. The tools and techniques they offer do more than just cover over those smells so that you know bothersome odors won’t return long after the water removal process.

Evaluating West Hartford Water Damage

Despite the best efforts of a West Hartford water removal company, a flood will sometimes ruin certain surfaces and materials in the home beyond repair. Water softens wood floorboards and wall studs and can also degrade carpet padding, insulation, and even electrical wiring.

A homeowner might not know how to evaluate West Hartford water damage, assuming that a thorough clean is sufficient for getting their home back to its original condition. However, a West Hartford water removal company will know how to inspect various surfaces and materials and ensure that any items beyond repair are removed and replaced as needed. Your home will then be structurally safe and secure.

water damage restoration company in West Hartford

Monitoring Humidity Levels After Water Removal

Using a sump pump for standing water and switching on dehumidifiers is an excellent means of removing water immediately after a flood, but it’s vital that a West Hartford water removal company monitor a home for its humidity levels for days and potentially even weeks after initial cleanup. Trapped humidity and lack of proper ventilation in a home makes it difficult to remove excess moisture properly and protect your home over time, so that surface materials suffer damage and mold begins to form.

A West Hartford water removal company will also know the areas that need monitoring for excessive humidity. For example, you might not think of noting levels of moisture under a room that has been through a flood. However, wood subflooring absorbs water easily so that lower levels need monitoring for water damage and the potential for mold growth.

A West Hartford water removal company will also note signs of growing and developing mold along with high humidity levels in the home. He or she can ensure your home goes through proper West Hartford mold removal, to stop mold spores in their tracks and keep it from becoming unhealthy and downright dangerous to you and your family! Their services ensure your home is secure as well as healthy and safe for your family.

Working With Insurance Companies After Water Removal

A homeowner can certainly file a claim with their insurance company for water damage in a West Hartford home, but the process is often tedious and difficult to understand. Insurance adjusters might also request proof of damage and, if you’ve neglected to take proper photographs or don’t know how to record the levels of damage to your home, you might find your claim lowered or downright denied!

A West Hartford water removal company will know how to monitor the damage to your home throughout the entire cleanup process, ensuring they take proper photographs to prove your claims. A West Hartford water removal company is also typically very skilled at filling out paperwork and forms, making quick work of submitting your request for reimbursement and ensuring nothing is overlooked along the way!

Answering Some Questions About Water Removal in West Hartford!

If you need West Hartford water removal, you might wonder how long it will take for your home to dry completely. There is no easy answer to that question, as it depends on the levels of flooding and how quickly it was addressed. A West Hartford water removal company can tell you how long your water damage repair and restoration process will take overall, so be sure to ask them about an expected timeframe if you’re concerned about when your home will be back to normal!

You might also wonder why your home is so dry during the water removal process. As a West Hartford water removal company will need to use dehumidifiers to remove standing and absorbed water, you might note a drier feeling inside your home. Humidity levels typically return to normal after the water removal process, so you might just need to be patient for those days and weeks! However, don’t turn off the equipment being used by a West Hartford water removal company, as the longer they run, the more quickly your home will return to normal after a flood.

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