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24/7 Flood Damage Restoration West Hartford | Our Process

Flood Damage Restoration

Flooding is a real threat to your home or business. The longer standing water sits, the more likely damage will occur and the cost of flood damage restoration will be higher. West Hartford Water Damage is the number one local flood damage service, with the highest level of quality control.

Easy Insurance Claims

When a flood interferes with your life, the last thing on your mind is reviewing paperwork to find out what your insurance covers. If you work with a major insurance company, your covered! We’ll push the paper accurately and make sure you receive the compensation you deserve.

24 Hour Service Calls

Flood damage restoration in West Hartford is a service that’s needed day and night. West Hartford Water Damage has a 24/7 flood damage service that is available when you need it most. If you are in the midst of a flooding situation, don’t wait to give us a call and learn how we can help.

West Hartford Flood Damage Restoration Evaluation

Flooding occurs for several reasons. Most of the time, it is due to a really powerful storm that moves into the area, coupled with homes that are prone to foundation, siding, or roofing issues. Pinpointing the cause of flood damage is extremely important before flood damage restoration can begin. Otherwise, it can be impossible to prevent future flooding or correctly resolve the problem. 

For these reasons, our flood damage restoration company makes sure the inspection is extremely thorough. It is our policy to train our technicians to high quality standards, allowing us to provide a service guarantee. This is especially valuable for flood damage restoration services, where the cost can be large depending on the extent of the damage. The evaluation process allows us to form a plan to provide affordable and effective flood damage restoration in West Hartford.
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Flood Water Removal

The next step in flood damage restoration is to completely remove all the water saturating your home or business. Depending on the water level, we employ a range of powerful pumps and vacuums that quickly removes all the water. Without professional equipment, it can take a very long time to remove the water manually by bucket or shop vacuum if you have one. However, it is recommended to consult with an expert flood water removal service because time is of the essence. If flood water sits too long, the cost of flood damage restoration increases dramatically. It is our goal to keep any damage to a minimum. That’s why our equipment is calibrated perfectly to ensure optimal performance, getting the flood water out of your home immediately.
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Drying your Home After a Flood

Removing the standing water is not enough to complete a flood damage restoration. The walls in your home are still saturated with moisture, which is a catalyst for mold, mildew, and bacteria to develop. These organic substances can create a strong foul odor and be extremely dangerous to your families health. To avoid this, it is extremely important to dry the entire home through ventilation practices. This includes installing a network of fans, air scrubbers, and humidifiers around the affected areas. Leaving this equipment set up for a few days to a week is normal, as the drying process can take a while. West Hartford Water Damage ensures that flood damage restoration drying is done correctly by using moisture meters.
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Flood Damage Restoration in West Hartford: Cleaning up the Mess!

Once the affected areas are dried, the next part of our West Hartford flood damage restoration is to clean. Even though moisture levels have returned to normal, there is a good chance that spores of harmful mold have already started to spread. The most common affected surfaces are walls, floors, cabinets, shelves, and furniture upholstery. Unless the surfaces are sanitized, there is always a chance that the problem can get worse. Because we are also an expert cleaning company, our flood damage restoration technicians have excellent experience. They know which cleaners will be extremely effective, but also won’t damage delicate items. Unlike other flood damage restoration companies, one of the reasons to choose us is our service guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied, we’ll come out and resolve any issue, no questions asked.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Ameri-Best came out as soon as we called them (they even beat us there as we were driving down from Springfield), assessed the water damage and got to work on the water extraction right away. They were professional and walked us through the entire process. I'm so glad we called them and I'm sure we will use them again in the near future!

– Cary G. 

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