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Professional Water Damage Services in West Hartford – Removal, Cleanup, Restoration

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Quality water services in West Hartford are far and few in between. That’s why West Hartford Water Damage takes our water services seriously. We set the mark with high standards for our water damage technicians, ensuring that they have plenty of field experience and know the ins and out of water damage restoration. Most importantly, we train them to diagnose water related issues in your home or business and educate property owners on what their next steps should be. Water damage can be a one time event, but a full inspection is necessary to determine if the problem won’t return. That is one reason our water services don’t include repairs. By specializing in removal and cleanup, we ensure that those most important steps are performed correctly. Otherwise, repairs will be useless. We can also recommend fantastic local and affordable repair contractors in our service area after remediating any water damage issues.
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Our Professional Water Services in West Hartford

24/7 Water Damage Restoration

Water damage restoration is a several step process that usually starts with an emergency call to a local restoration provider that specializes in water services. Because it is necessary to act quick, we make our water services available to West Hartford and beyond around the clock. First, our excellent customer service representatives will ask key questions to identify the severity of the damage. Next, one of our water damage techs will arrive and carefully inspect areas of concern. It is important to construct a plan to facilitate successful water damage restoration. Our process is tried and true, with plenty of experience pinpointing the key causal factors to permanently correct water issues.
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Water Removal and Drying

Water removal and drying are two very important water services that are necessary before water damage repairs can be considered. Once we can be sure of the problem that caused the leak or flooding, we can remove the water quickly with professional grade pumps. West Hartford Water Damage begins this process as soon as possible in order to decrease the chance of mold or other harmful bacteria developing. After water removal, we dry all affected areas with high powered fans. This may take time, but it’s absolutely essential to stabilize humidity and temperature levels before performing any repairs. Failure to do so could result in serious damage to your home.
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Water Damage Cleanup

If you are looking for water damage cleanup in West Hartford, it is highly recommended to consult a professional cleaning company. The water damage cleanup process involves cleaning and sanitizing surfaces in affected areas. We use high quality cleaners on furniture, upholstery, and other personal items as part of our West Hartford water services. Our treatments also utilize air scrubbers and antimicrobial sanitizers that increase the chance of items being restorable. Because we offer many other cleaning services, we specialize in the water damage cleanup part of the restoration process. To get started, give us a call. Our customer service representative will guide you step-by-step, so we can make sure your water damage cleanup goes smoothly.
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Flood Damage Relief

Flooding is extremely common in West Hartford, with an average rainfall of over 50” in Connecticut annually. The best way to avoid flood damage, is to make sure that your home or business foundation, siding, or roofing is not compromised. Surprisingly, one of the most common causes of flood damage is clogged gutters. Unlike other West Hartford water service companies, we offer preventative services like gutter cleaning and power washing. In the event of flood damage, however, we’re able to help with 24/7 service. Storms are often unpredictable, but our around the clock coverage will keep you covered in the event of an emergency. If you’re searching for flood damage remediation in West Hartford, call us today and learn what sets our company apart.
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Commercial West Hartford Water Service

As a locally owned and operated business, we understand how detrimental losing service hours can be. Especially, when you’re faced with an event such as flooding, leaking pipes, or storm related water damage. Water damage restoration can be costly, but acting fast is the best approach. That way, you ensure that the damage is kept to a minimum and the water damage repair costs will be reduced. Many common building materials are more resilient than you would think, but time is definitely against business owners in need of fast water damage restoration in West Hartford. For these reasons, we make our 24 hour same day service accessible to those in our wide service areas. We make it our mission to help those in need. Learn why customers choose us again and again.
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Ameri-Best came out as soon as we called them (they even beat us there as we were driving down from Springfield), assessed the water damage and got to work on the water extraction right away. They were professional and walked us through the entire process. I'm so glad we called them and I'm sure we will use them again in the near future!

– Cary G. 

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Our West Hartford Water Service Areas

Even though we are a local water damage contractor, we make it a point to extend our water services beyond West Hartford. That means if you live in a surrounding town, we are definitely able to help! Our multiple service trucks are waiting for your call in the following areas:

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