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Expert Water Damage Cleanup in West Hartford

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Water damage cleanup is an important part of water damage restoration because it prevents mold and other harmful bacteria from developing. If you have had water damage in West Hartford, consider our top-notch professional water damage cleanup service before water damage repairs.

Simple Insurance Claims

In the moment, it can be hard to know exactly what insurance policies cover which types of damage. At West Hartford Water Damage, we make the process easy by ensuring that the necessary documentation of the water removal and remediation process are accurate and submitted correctly.

24/7 Water Cleanup

Due to the time sensitive nature of water damage cleanup services, our West Hartford water cleanup service is available 24 hours a day, seven days per week. If you are in need of professional water damage cleanup in West Hartford, give us a call and learn what separates our 24/7 service from our competitors.

Why Water Damage Cleanup is Necessary

Any professional water damage restoration company will offer water damage cleanup services as part of their restoration. There are several parts of the water damage restoration process. First, our crew inspects the area to determine where the water came from. Often, it is caused by flood, rainwater, or a broken water pipe. Next, the standing water is removed from the area with pumps. The power of the pump is dependent on the extent of the amount of water. After all the water is removed, we use high powered fans and dehumidifiers to return the humidity levels to normal.

 Finally, the cleanup stage involves sanitizing all surfaces affected by the water. This serves two purposes. One is to reduce odor associated with water damage. And most importantly, the second is to drastically reduce the chance of mold, mildew, or other bacteria from infesting your home. Contact West Hartford Water Damage today to learn more and schedule your water cleanup!
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Our Water Cleanup Process

The typical water damage cleanup process is not very involved, and a lot of home or business-owners will attempt it themselves. However, household cleaners are generally not as effective as our custom water damage cleanup formula. Also, many cleaners can stain or damage certain surfaces. That is why we train our company team members to high quality standards. They are adept at identifying which cleaners can be used effectively, and which might not work out so well. As a bonus, we offer many other cleaning services, such as carpet cleaning, area rug cleaning, hardwood floor restoration, and upholstery cleaning. As a dedicated water damage restoration service, we are experts at water damage cleanup in West Hartford. Get in touch with our excellent customer support team to learn why our water damage cleanup process is second-to-none.
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After our West Hartford Water Cleanup... 

Water damage cleanup is the last step in making sure water damage has been kept at bay. If the damage is not severe, the restoration process will not show any adverse side effects and your family can go back to life before the water emergency. However, often times, water damage repairs are necessary. This includes replacing drywall, flooring, shelving, cabinets, or other household surfaces. As a dedicated cleaning and water damage service, we do not offer water damage repairs. With our excellent network of West Hartford contractors we can certainly recommend someone in our service area who is perfect for the job.
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Why Choose Water Damage Cleanup with West Hartford Water Damage

Working with a local water cleanup service in West Hartford has several advantages. Unlike other water service companies, we won’t upsell other products and services that you don’t need. We believe in maintaining good relationships by helping our customers, not taking advantage of an emergency water damage situation just to line our pockets. Also, we don’t have a high turn around on our technicians. That means they are highly skilled and experienced, ensuring that the job is done right no matter the circumstances. Finally, all of our services come with a guarantee. We will make sure your home or business’s property is free from water damage no matter what. Our equipment stays set up in your home until humidity and temperature levels return to normal. Get in touch with our experts to learn why customers choose us.
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Ameri-Best came out as soon as we called them (they even beat us there as we were driving down from Springfield), assessed the water damage and got to work on the water extraction right away. They were professional and walked us through the entire process. I'm so glad we called them and I'm sure we will use them again in the near future!

– Cary G. 

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