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24/7 Water Damage Restoration West Hartford | Our Process

Local Water Damage

There are several benefits to working with a local West Hartford water damage restoration company. From talking with our great customer support staff and working with a dedicated project manager through the entire water cleanup process, West Hartford Water Damage has you covered in your time of need.

Working with Insurance

When a water emergency takes place, the last thing on your mind is dealing with the insurance companies. It’s important to know when you're covered and when you're not. That is why our company will work with you on that front, making sure that your insurance claim goes smoothly and you are always covered.

24/7 Emergency Service

Unlike other West Hartford water damage restoration services, we are dedicated to providing immediate service in your time of need. That includes being available around the clock and offering same day water damage restoration in West Hartford. If your house or business has flooded, give us a call now!

Our West Hartford Water Damage Restoration Inspection

The first most important part of the water damage restoration process is to thoroughly inspect affected areas of the property. This ensures that the leak or flood conditions are resolved so that the process can begin. It also determines the class and category of the water damage. There are four classes of water damage that range from part of a room absorbing some moisture, to the damage being so severe that special equipment is necessary to dry building materials like hardwood or stone. The category of the water damage relates to the water conditions. If the water is from a clean source, such as rain water, it is usually sanitary. If a sewage line bursts, however, that is considered category three and needs to be resolved immediately before people get sick. West Hartford Water Damage understands how important the water damage inspection process is and we value attention to detail.
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Removing Standing Water

Obviously, removing standing water is essential to effective water damage restoration. After the property is inspected, we use highly efficient pumps and vacuums to suck up standing water. Depending on the extent of the water and moisture damage, a wide range of equipment will be considered. The longer any standing water sits, the more likely it will become a breeding ground for bacteria that can harm you and your family. Furthermore, the damage to your floors, walls, or cabinets could become beyond restoration and require extensive repairs or replacement. Our water damage restoration company is able to remove standing water quickly, increasing the chance that restoration will be successful. If you have standing water in your home or business in our service area, get in touch for professional water extraction
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Proper Drying Techniques

Once all the standing water has been removed from affected surfaces, drying is the next essential part of the water damage restoration process. This step involves setting up a network of fans and dehumidifiers to remove any moisture still saturated in walls, floors, shelving, clothing, and other personal items. Without proper water drying techniques, mold or other harmful bacteria can develop quickly. Not only would you have to throw away mold infected items, but you may need a professional mold remediation service which can be very expensive. At West Hartford Water Damage, we take extra special precautions, using more efficient high-powered fans than other water damage restoration companies. We don’t remove any equipment from your home or business until we are absolutely certain that the moisture and humidity level has returned to normal.
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Cleaning & Water Damage Restoration in West Hartford

The final step that West Hartford Water Damage provides is the cleaning and sanitization process necessary after water damage. Even though the surfaces have now been effectively inspected and dried, they must be cleaned thoroughly to further demote mold growth and unsafe conditions. For water damage restoration in West Hartford, we only use environmentally friendly and non-toxic cleaners to protect your property. Because we specialize in other cleaning services, such as carpet cleaning, power washing, and window cleaning, we are extra aware of how crucial this step is. Although cleaning and sanitization can be done yourself, it is important to consult a professional cleaning service if you are unsure. Failure to use the correct cleaners could result in stains or other damage to your home or business. If you are interested in our cleaning services, get in touch today.
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Ameri-Best came out as soon as we called them (they even beat us there as we were driving down from Springfield), assessed the water damage and got to work on the water extraction right away. They were professional and walked us through the entire process. I'm so glad we called them and I'm sure we will use them again in the near future!

– Cary G. 

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